About Us

CAR WORK BOX, start the car lighting business in China since 2008, We focus on the product designing, no matter whether you are doing wholesale business or personal usage, our product can meet your requirements perfectly. Our brand famous in market because of our NEW PRODUCT design, and STABLE working status, which will help you stand out in your car lighting field.

Our Believe

Good shopping experience, is the most important.
We skilled in marketing, and we love these defective products in the market, we design to fix these defective, and supply good needs products to our Customers.
We do care the product examination: after the products arrives our warehouse, we check the appearance, any defective, out! And we do the 3 hours aging process, any defective, out too!
Any problem happen during your installation, contact us, we can solve the problem follow our BELIEVE.


Team members are the heart of Car Work Box. Cutting-edge sales and service teams are key to our success. We also support a balance between professional and personal lives as their overall well-being is critical to our continued growth.


Car Work Box is one of the largest privately owned marketers of automotive products. Many of our suppliers also supply the OE manufacturers. Our vendors are held to the highest standards in quality, information and fulfillment.


These values define our culture: we are passionate about our customers; we value each other as individuals; we give ourselves the tools to succeed; we are proud of our products and services; we continually strive to be the best.

How we succeed

Our Experts

All the time, we think the product itself and the service are the most important thing in the long term cooperation relationship. We research the market, find out the customers new needs, and design the product to meet their new needs. Which can help us get into the market very quickly. After our product arrives in our customers hands, we bring them surprise depends on our stable quality and great service.

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Room 101, No. 3, Xuexiao North Road, Jiangxia Baiyun
Tel: +86 18819162674
Email: [email protected]
[email protected]

Where We Are Going

Our Future

Our growth will never make us lose sight of our humble beginnings.

Car Work Box doesn’t just sell products, we market them to a huge customer base that shows world-class representation of our vendors’ products. As large as we have become, the family atmosphere that has been a part of Car Work Box will always remain. From our founders right through our newest employees, we will ensure that the passion for the automotive business, the compassion for all of our staff, and the devotion to satisfying each and every customer makes us like no other business.