HID stands for high-intensity discharge. Often referred to as a xenon lamp, it refers to the gas contained in the bulb. Unlike halogen and LED lamps, its source is an arc created between two tungsten electrodes.

The lifetime of the HID lamp is closely related to the number of times the lamp is turned on, and not to the total running time of the lamp. However, under normal circumstances, 2,500 hours should be guaranteed. The manufacturer claims that the price is three times that of a standard halogen bulb.

On the chromatogram, HID offers a wider range of options, ranging from 3,000K to 30,000K. The price of the HID kit maybe half the price of the LED kit. HID, together with visible light, produces light in the infrared (IR) spectrum. This is good for people with colder climates because it helps to melt snow and ice, which can block the headlights.

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