A small light that is easier to identify when the vehicle is driving during the day is mounted on the front of the vehicle. That is to say, this luminaire is not a luminaire, not to enable the driver to see the road, but to let others know that a car has come over to remind the driver.

When the motor vehicle turns, turn on the small car light to remind the front and rear vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention. The small lamp tube of the car adopts the xenon lamp tube, the single-chip control circuit, and the left and right rotation strobe flashes without interruption. The car’s small lamp uses a flasher to achieve flashing lights. Mainly can be divided into three types: resistance, capacitive and electronic.

Car small lights can also be used for road lighting at night. Generally, when the outside light is sufficient or the traffic is relatively high, the car lights are used, and the small lights are used in the dark night roads and the traffic flow is sparse. However, when there is a car and a car in front, turn off the high beam and use low beam illumination.

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