Unisex Polarized Sunglasses for Day and Night, Men Women UV Protection

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  • polarized
  • Lens width: 2.5 inches
  • Lens height: 2.2 inches
  • 【HD POLARIZED LENSES】 Polarized lenses reduce glare from the headlights of other vehicles, pavement, and other reflective surfaces by filtering light coming from different angles. These special lens make colors and objects appear clearer, so you can see every detail of the open road.
  • 【DAY & NIGHT GLASSES】The lens has three layers of different colors. During the daytime, it can effectively prevent sunlight, reflected light, glare, etc. At night, it can effectively reduce the high beam from the car, street light and reflected light. and even respond to rain, smog and other bad weather.
  • 【HIGH QUALITY METAL FRAME】 Driving Glasses use of advanced high-quality metal alloy materials, Antioxidant Plating Metal Frame & legs, Its hardness is several times of other traditional plastic frame, they are Ultra-lightweight, scratch-resistant and durable.Flexible arms and silicone nose pad to fit different fac